Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I honestly don't recall anymore the circumstance of how Vin & Pam knew of us. I actually just found out today (November 10) from yet another bride that Vin is a W@Wie. Oh, wow. That figures. This makes Vin the 3rd W@Wie groom I know, which is a good thing, methinks, because there's a growing trend now with grooms becoming more and more involved in the wedding preparations. Kudos to you all! :-)

Anyhow, I do recall that the discussion on the details of the bridal bouquet alone took all of three days, running the gamut from changing the roses to something else and back again. Normal stuff, I would say but the important thing for me, however, was that the bride knew what she wanted and she challenged us to come up with something closer to her heart. And for an overseas bride, we think she has exceeded all her own expectations. The photos here and here are all the proof that she has chosen well.

Vin & Pam, we may not have known each other that well, but do know that you are close to my heart. I wish you both the happiness that only marriage can bring! Cheers! :-)


All photos in this set are by Jay Jay Lucas for ImagineNation. See the rest of the set here (Note: link not active yet).


Preps: The Astoria Plaza
Wedding: Santuario de San Jose, Greenhills
Photographer: Jay Jay Lucas for ImagineNation
Auxiliary Photographer: Puy & Chie Talde for Really Awesome Weddings (RAW)
Videographer: Daniel Lei Studio
Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz
Caterer: Maja Martinez of Passion Cooks
Event Planner: Darlene Tan-Salazar of Perfect 10 Weddings

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Earvin Paul said...

Hey Dylan! :D Thank you for featuring us on your blog! so crazy! i saw this only today!!! after 7 months! Pam showed me pa! the one I saw before is when you blogged about our wedding video :) thanks for that too :) thanks again for a wonderful job on our wedding flowers, that extra touch of yours made it extra special for us :)

-Vin & Pam-


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