Monday, July 29, 2013


Trust goes a long long way. Without it, creatives can never be the best of themselves. Which is why when bride Joed gave us a free hand in creating this head wreath, we never expected the whole outcome to be this mind blowingly awesome.  

We've always wanted to do a floral head wreath, this being something more commonly seen in US engagement shoots, but thanks to Joed we finally have this darling beauty to show off - described by no other than THE Style Me Pretty as "the world's most beautiful head piece."  I think I just died reading that. This engagement shoot will always be the peg of all engagement shoots involving head wreaths. 

Thank you, Allan & Joed, for this wonderful opportunity! Kudos to the entire creative team for spreading class & beauty around the Philippine wedding scene. ^_^ 

Location x El Kabayo, Subic Bay, the Philippines
Photographer x J Lucas Reyes
Styling x Aira Franco
MUA x Fritz Mortel
Video x Daniel Lei Studio
Floral Head Wreath x Vatel Manila
Additional Footages (BTS) x Joanne Eduardo 


Monday, July 22, 2013


Certain things are just meant to be. Like Sun & Moon. Day & Night. Man & Woman. Eikel & Kristine. But more than that, what really makes us happy is when our ideas are bought by the couple and they make it totally their own. During the course of the preps, we found out that Groom Eikel owned a nursery and they produce and sell really rare plants like ferns and the like. It happens that we have always been fascinated with doing a wedding that uses Tillandsia, a kind of air plant, as a central design element and when we told Eikel & Kristine about this, they moved heaven and earth to make it happen.

From Bacolod to Manila, Eikel & Kristine scoured nurseries to get as many different species of Tillandsia as they could find (there are roughly 600!) and from whatever they were able to gather, these were used in their bouquets, ceremony setup, and in the reception as centerpieces and to double as giveaways. Truth be told, the plants are not cheap (and not very easy to acquire) and for this we salute the couple for the great effort they exerted in making sure that the wedding looked clean, classy, and well put together. All their hard work has paid off: the wedding remains to be one of our favorites, and has been featured in several wedding blogs as well. Kudos, Eikel & Kristine, and all the best! Thank you so much for trusting us on this one! ^_^

Preps: Oakwood Joy-Nostalg
Ceremony & Reception: The Mango Farm
Main Photographer: Black Tie Project
Video: Black Tie Project
Auxiliary Photographer: Jaja Samaniego (featured in this set)
Gown: Mel Orlina
Food & Reception Styling: K. by Cunanan
Cake: Joy San Gabriel
Planner: Getting Married Philippines
Favors: Lanelle Abueva-Fernando Studio Pottery
Tillandsia: Manila Tropical Nursery
Entourage Flowers & Ceremony Styling: Vatel Manila
Pillows & Bible Band: {etc} Handmade Goodness

This set is also featured on Bride & Breakfast and Bridal Pod. ^_^


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