Friday, November 26, 2010


We had the rare chance of bringing together family and friends to an intimate dinner at my workplace, The Mango Farm, last November 21, 2010. The occasion was actually a post-birthday dinner, but as you may all know by now, this and then this happened (both on my birthday month at that!), so the dinner turned out to be more than what was originally planned. I would have wanted to invite more, but it would have been so difficult to manage such a large group (I wouldn't want to do an event that would have required me to get an OTD coordinator, LOL!). Doing the seat plan was a nightmare though (quite literally as I oftentimes wake up with the seat plan draft lying beside me), but it was all worth the effort! :-)

We wish to thank everyone who made it and stayed until the end! Thank you, Mike, for letting me use the Farm for this event. Thank you, Kaye Cunanan & Lace Tan, for helping make the setup really, really awesome! I have always wanted to do a SoCal setup and I can't believe it was done for my own dinner, yipeee! Thank you, Kel + Mar of MyPhotato, for the AVP and for the really, really SoCal photos. You really got the feel that I wanted (although I haven't really verbalized this beforehand). To friends from the wedding industry, thank you for taking the time to join me in this wonderful evening. To former couples (now friends), thank you for honoring me with your presence. To friends from my former office, I super miss you all! Thanks for coming! To family and loved ones, thank you for sharing the love! :-)

To those who couldn't make it and wrote me, thank you! It could have been double the fun if you were there. At least we have the photos below to remind you of what you missed, tee hee! :-)

Party photos to follow. :-)

See the rest of the set here.

All photos by MyPhotato
c/o Kel + Mar Laquindanum
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