Monday, November 29, 2010


I got an SMS from J Lucas Reyes regarding this engagement session in the middle of a really hectic week. I never knew I would still be part of this shoot because JLR and I were just texting each other about it so casually. As he was telling me the plot, I said,"It sounds like it came from a film!" "Yes, Serendipity! LOL!", he replied. The bad part was, I haven't seen the Serendipity and I ended up buying a copy two days prior to the shoot just so that I can make a wardrobe list for the couple & a shoot list for JLR. The first draft I made was based on the synopsis I found on the wiki, ha ha!

Looking at the photos now, I can't believe it turned out the way we wanted it to be! Shot with available light and with only just one camera, the 'film' is written all over this shoot, and more! Well done, JLR! :-)

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