Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Bride Fei and I go a long way back when it came to discussing her flowers. She was among the very first W@W brides who inquired even before we became a hot item in the forums. I know it's been a long time because she still got to fill up our form in its old format, he he!

Stan & Fei, I wish you two the very best. For you, we offer this traditional Salish blessing:

Now for you there is no rain, for one is shelter to the other.
Now for you the sun shall not burn, for one is shelter to the other.
Now for you nothing is hard or bad, for the hardness and badness is taken by one for the other.
Now for you there is no night, for one is light to the other,
Now for you the snow has ended always, for one is protection for the other.
It is that way, from now on, from now on. And now there is comfort.
Now there is no loneliness. Now forever, forever, there is no loneliness.

Again, thank you for making us part of your special day! :-)

See the rest of the amazing photos here!

All photos by MyPhotato
c/o Kel + Mar Laquindanum
Mobile: 09172416485
Landline: 7767242


Preps: La Huerta Estate, Antipolo City
Primary Photographer: Raymond Fortun
Auxiliary Photographers: Kel Laquindanum & Adrian Ardiente for MyPhotato / Jay Jay Lucas for Imagine Nation
Videography: John de Guzman for Cinemaworks
Caterer: Hizon's Catering
Event Coordinator: Chi Hernandez-Abarquez for Once A Bride
Entourage Flowers: Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila

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LA + AJ said...

I loooove the blessing! :)


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