Friday, February 26, 2010

REAL WEDDING: LEO + MITCH (February 26, 2010)


I am happy to finally make this one-of-a-kind bouquet. I must admit that I had trouble conceptualizing flowers for a black-yellow color scheme without resorting to the usual (i.e. roses / tulips). For this project, we made use of two species of succulents: the Haworthia attenuata & the Echeveria elagans (a.k.a. rose cactus). Inserted in between these two are random placements of the über cute Craspedia globosa (from New Zealand). At the base, a wrap of Cypress leaves. For the handle, a diamond brooch on a cream & black damask fabric ribbon, reflecting the couple's leitmotif. I admit this kind of bouquet has very limited appeal. It's definitely not for everyone. But, really, would you rather have a bouquet you wouldn't want to rave about to friends? *winks*

Left: The bouquets for the mothers & the Maid of Honor were composed of yellow pompon mums of the Chrysanthemum family. These are from South Cotabato (sold only in one shop in Sampaloc and planted by only one family, wow! Not available all the time though, which is good!). Inserted are random rose succulents and to top it off (quite literally) are mini Cymbidium orchids (from Holland), reflecting the couple's secondary color which is Chartreuse. Right: For the rest of the entourage, we mixed a single large rose succulent (on one side only) and pompon mums with black crystals as accessories to reflect the couple's other primary color, which is black.

Left: For the groom, we made use of a rose succulent shoot and two pieces of Craspedia. A strip of damask covers the lower portion.


I am loving the black-yellow combination! Lace Tan did a great job at making this setup really come alive! Couples need not worry about using a lot of black. Just make sure to choose one (and I mean only ONE) solid color to break the monotony and you'd be fine. :-)

We had the chance to prettify the cake again that came with the package. For this one, the bride chose an all-white cake and we used black satin ribbons for the borders. We also used these nice pompon mums to brighten it up and inserted dried branches (from the Balimbing tree) and wisps of white ostrich feathers on the flower topper. I also lent a piece of damask for the cake stand.

A most beautiful wedding. We'd remember this for a long, long time. Can't wait to see the official photos! :-)


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