Sunday, September 25, 2011


What, for us, is the key to a successful wedding? Two words: Trust & Confidence. And these are what Bride Jen gave us when she commissioned us to work on her flower requirements.

In fact, among her suppliers, we were the very first that she booked (yep, way ahead of the church, the venue, and the catering!). What we loved about her is that she simply gave us her concept, and she left us on our own to design the look of her arrangements. The results? Flowers that were ethereal and fresh, yet elegant, restrained, and one of a kind. Why, the customized boutonnières were just as organic-looking as they were playful. We truly had a wonderful time working on this event!

From clients to friends, that's what Jen & Abner have become and that's something we will cherish all the days of our life. :-)

Jen & Abner Photo Slideshow by J Lucas Reyes from Jenifel Baliday on Vimeo.

J Lucas Reyes | Fine Art Weddings + Lifestyle Photography
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Bon anniversaire, Filmtastic™! :-)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Every now and then we get to be asked who our favorite photographer is, and our ready answer has always been,"We have none." Which is, in fact, true. Every photographer that we have worked with has a style that's specific to them and if we think that matches our style, too, that's something we highlight every time we feature their work here in our site.

When we were starting the business, we have always planned to work more closely with photographers for several reasons. First, because we are a huge fan of photography. If given the chance, we would love to learn this art form more (but time does not permit this at the moment). Second, we have long recognized that a lot of people are very visual. For an art form that relies heavily on beauty more than function, flowers - and the resulting arrangements - have to be seen to be appreciated. Third, a lot of our friend-photographers are bloggers, too, so they carry on their blogs pictures of our work. On our end, we likewise feature their photographs to bring their work to a wider audience. It's a relationship that benefits us both, and it's a relationship that really works.

Which brings us to this set by Paolo Feliciano. It brings us great joy to know that we'll be working again with this very talented cabalen. Long before we both got featured in the January 2011 issue of Wedding Essentials magazine, we have always admired his work for their clarity & color, intelligent use of natural light, well-thought-out composition, and the trademark graphics that almost always open his every blog post.

We are happy to share with you the beautiful e-session of Alex & Xyn. :-)

Location Guide: Heima, Cubao X

See Paolo's entry here.

Paolo Feliciano
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Having done weddings since 2005, albeit intermittently, has taught us one major lesson: you're only as good as your last project. Which is why we consider every wedding an opportunity to showcase the best of the things that we are able to do.

From the bridal bouquet down to the offertory flowers and throw-away bouquet, all of these bear the Vatel Manila mark because every arrangement is a like a marketing flyer, selling the brand to those who care to appreciate our work. Whoever catches the throw-away bouquet, for example, is almost always a future bride.

This also explains why we prefer to work with certain wedding suppliers who not only appreciate what we do, but also bring out the best in our work. Needless to say (but we're still saying it), we're always excited to work with dear friends like J Lucas Reyes who shares with us the deep love for all things beautiful in weddings. :-)

Here's sharing the slide show of Jor-el and Karen: proof that when your wedding suppliers know how to complement each other, the results can be as dreamy, near perfect, and mind-blowingly beautiful. Enjoy! :-)

Onsite Pictures of Jor-el and Karen's Wedding - J Lucas Reyes from Jor-el Soyangco on Vimeo.

J Lucas Reyes | Fine Art Weddings + Lifestyle Photography
Mobile: (+63).919.836.3620

Bon anniversaire, Filmtastic™! :-)


We're not sure when, but we recall having prayed for the opportunity to work with Mayad Studios. What do you know, we finally got to work with them last September 11, 2011 not just once, but twice! Here's one of those two pretty weddings that they covered that day. For this particular SDE, the moment Groom Jor-el started getting teary eyed, we had to grab the Kleenex box as well. *sighs* Weddings are so wonderful, 'no?

Jor-el & Karen Onsite Wedding Video by Mayad Studios from Jor-el Soyangco on Vimeo.

Mayad Studios
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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Here's a celebration that began in the US and found its fulfillment in Manila. A beautiful sunny day: a perfect day to say,"I do!". :-)

Marlu and Aya from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


In this special feature on Themed Weddings, described our Hamptons setup as " great example of making the decor work in perfect cohesion. The couple's reception set-up carried the theme down to the smallest details. Lifesavers, blue and white stripes, and starfish were among the elements at their extraordinary event."

Thank you for the kind and generous words, Bridal Book! :-)


Here's one of those rare moments where the Groom's vows actually made us cry. How sweet is that? Here's sharing Alex & Xyn's special day. :-)

Alex and Xyn Same Day Edit from Joel Salindong on Vimeo.

Joel Salindong
55 Remedios Bldg. Roces Avenue, Quezon City
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Paul & Kat's rainy yet pretty wedding is featured here! Loving all the dainty details! There's elegance written all over this dreamy day. :-)

Awesome to have worked with The Mango Farm, Jeff & Lisa Photography, Mervin Gobaco for MG Digital, K. by Cunanan Catering, Darlene Tan-Salazar for Perfect 10 Weddings, & MUA Chichi Sotomil!


The thing with videos is that it is a medium that tells all and shows all: it captures you at your happiest and saddest. Weddings videos are unique in that they capture only the happiest day of a couple, that one unique moment in time, never to be repeated. And nowhere else is this more obvious than in the wedding of Abner and Jenifel, where laughter was the order of the day. Here's sharing Abs & Jen's wedding. :-)

Jen and Abs - Tangled! from daniel lei studio on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It got us all welling up watching a video of a couple whom we've worked with for so long and now that their happily ever after has finally begun, we send them our warmest hope and fervent wishes for a long, happy life. To Mike & Jen, may God bless you abundantly and grant you the wishes of your hearts. :-)

Mike and Jen |SDE| from John de Guzman, Cinemaworks on Vimeo.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011


Dear Dylan, this is a letter that's been long time coming. I had no idea that settling into wedded bliss takes so much of my free time! But I now finally have some time on my hands, and decided I really had to hunker down and write to you our letter of utmost thanks.

To tell you the truth, the beauty and perfection of my wedding day had me, and still leaves me, quite speechless. I had always wanted a garden wedding, one that would capture the romance, beauty, and hope of a new direction in life all in one perfect little package. You did that, and more.

It was better, much better, than anything we had hoped for, or even dared imagine. I couldn't at the time quite wrap my head around the details, all the painstaking details that you conceived of in order to make it the most wondrous day possible. From my beautiful, beautiful bouquet (which I even placed in a jug at the hotel after the wedding to make it last longer!), and the hand-tied bouquets of my small entourage (with the amazing interplay of various shades of pink to make it 'pop'), to the ceremony area itself with the light pink roses in white baskets, as well as the lanterns and white birdcages lining the entrance of the ceremony area: all I could do [was] to sigh at the splendour of it all. It was all just so right.



I really could not have dreamed it to have been any more perfect than it was. I wanted to fold it all up, put it in my pocket, and take it home with me. It was all so, so special. And the most special thing of all was that, through it all, we met you.

So thank you, Dylan, for giving us not just a wedding day, but the wedding we had so desired. These memories will last us a lifetime. And my [hair] orchids!!! My wonderful orchids!!! Everyone thought they were so beautiful! It made me feel so beautiful!! **Sigh**"

- Angela Holme-Vila (February 27, 2011)


Photos by
Jaja Samaniego | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Monday, September 05, 2011


Loving it that the song's really upbeat! :-)

joseph & patricia - same day edit from phoeben teocson on Vimeo.

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-- We distinctly remember this day: we had five (5) weddings (two in Metro Manila, one in Cainta, one in Cagayan de Oro, and another in Bora...