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We pretty much grew up with flowers. My Mother grew orchids (all her friends did). While the white Cattleya was her favorite, mine was the Phalaenopsis. Out in the yard, there were plots of daisies, wild roses, Dahlias, Birds of Paradise (the real deal!), rows upon rows of Heliconias & Jasmine and we vividly recall how we enjoy watering the plants in Summer because we can "make" rainbows by spraying fine mist against the sunlight (try it!). On Wednesdays, we'd go fishing at the nearby lake and on weekends, if there's no movie showing or if the bowling alley didn't beckon, we'd take long walks in the evenings where the cool air is perfumed by pine trees and ferns. Ah, those were the happy days of our youth. READ on our recent homecoming to Bukidnon HERE.

Vatel Manila was an idea born at The Mango Farm Events Place in late 2005. It was inspired by the 2000 film, VATEL, starring Gérard Depardieu & Uma Thurman. 

At the beginning, we were just there to assist the Farm in conceptualizing booth designs whenever it attends bridal fairs. Our first wedding was in November 2005 and the second in June of 2006. The rate has risen since then and as we speak, we have done more than 2,000 weddings since we started.

We have retained in this blog our past wedding setups just to remind ourselves about our birth pains, as well as to see how our aesthetic has changed and developed into what we are now known for: a leading proponent of simple & tasteful setups and a provider of fresh, beautiful, feminine, one-of-a-kind floral arrangements.

Our aesthetic can be described as 'refined simplicity'. We are not huge fans of production-number weddings that clearly define what event styling is now in Manila. We are fans of small, cozy spaces and for larger events, clean spaces with very minimal details. Every venue is a canvass for us to transform using simple but lovely setups that define you and your personal style.

Over the years, we have produced bridal bouquet designs that are unique and beautiful, as they are lush and fresh.

Vatel Manila is into the SoCal (Southern California) look: fresh, oftentimes loose, airy, feminine arrangements that are full of character and texture. Our bouquets are a marriage of the world's best flowers and those coming from local flower farms. We strive to strike a balance between meeting the requirements for function & beauty, as well as upholding our duty to support the environment and promoting job creation for Filipino flower farmers. 

REFINED SIMPLICITY: this is our guiding principle in design. 'Simple and Tasteful' is at the core of our design sensibility. 

In doing design, we get our inspiration from abroad where a lot of truly inspired ideas come from. Since there is a tendency for local businesses to copy each other's works, we feel that there is a need to be unique in every way (an understatement!) and to promote a culture of simplicity and good taste in every aspect of design.

Apart from working on ideas, we also aim to educate. "The biggest challenge of design is to be able to work with your clients whose needs you have to answer. The main work of a designer is to police and polish the client's style." (Ito Kish)

We are our own severe judge and taskmaster. We despise stagnation. We try not to follow trends yet still be in fashion. Our raison d'etre is to bring beauty to Philippine weddings. As a huge fan of architecture, we likewise subscribe to the Vitruvian design model: Utilitas, firmitas et venustas. Functionality, Quality, and Impact.

With these things in mind, do know that you're in safe hands with us.

"...and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior." (Luke 1:47)

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