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I got an SMS from J Lucas Reyes regarding this engagement session in the middle of a really hectic week. I never knew I would still be part of this shoot because JLR and I were just texting each other about it so casually. As he was telling me the plot, I said,"It sounds like it came from a film!""Yes, Serendipity! LOL!", he replied. The bad part was, I haven't seen the Serendipity and I ended up buying a copy two days prior to the shoot just so that I can make a wardrobe list for the couple & a shoot list for JLR. The first draft I made was based on the synopsis I found on the wiki, ha ha!

Looking at the photos now, I can't believe it turned out the way we wanted it to be! Shot with available light and with only just one camera, the 'film' is written all over this shoot, and more! Well done, JLR! :-)

See the rest of this Filmtastic™ goodness here.

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First there were 10. And then there were 5. And 1 Supplier of the Year to rule them all. Ha ha! Congratulations, Rejectkrew! A well-deserved win! :-)

Vatel Manila warmly expresses its profuse gratitude to the W@W Community for the honor it has bestowed upon us! For a young company, you have given us recognition that has far exceeded even our own expectations. Again, thank you!

Congratulations, too, to all our co-suppliers! Yipee!:-)

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. To God Be The Glory.


We had the rare chance of bringing together family and friends to an intimate dinner at my workplace, The Mango Farm, last November 21, 2010. The occasion was actually a post-birthday dinner, but as you may all know by now, this and then this happened (both on my birthday month at that!), so the dinner turned out to be more than what was originally planned. I would have wanted to invite more, but it would have been so difficult to manage such a large group (I wouldn't want to do an event that would have required me to get an OTD coordinator, LOL!). Doing the seat plan was a nightmare though (quite literally as I oftentimes wake up with the seat plan draft lying beside me), but it was all worth the effort! :-)

We wish to thank everyone who made it and stayed until the end! Thank you, Mike, for letting me use the Farm for this event. Thank you, Kaye Cunanan & Lace Tan, for helping make the setup really, really awesome! I have always wanted to do a SoCal setup and I can't b…


I kinda knew this was coming (Canon 7D + action poses = video!). The MyPhotato brothers are just full of surprises!. Thank you very much, Kel + Mar, for this wonderful, heartwarming gift of an AVP! <3

Dylan ♥ Vatel Manila from Kel MyPhotato on Vimeo.
Video by MyPhotato
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Here's another über pretty set of photos from my merienda cena by J Lucas Reyes. He wrote a really touching introduction in his Facebook which I am reposting here:

Last night, my prenup partner in crime, Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila, threw an elegant, intimate, early dinner thanksgiving party with close friends, family, and friends in the wedding industry. Knowing Dylan, the setup was incredibly simple and amazing at the same time, it was just begging to be shot.

Later on in the party, it was such a warm surprise knowing from his inner circle how celebrated and well loved this humble, talented man is, for the little big things beyond his impeccable talent in styling flowers. Kudos Dyl! Cheers to more blessed years to come.

Thank you so much for this, J! I am very happy to have been blessed with friends like you. May God continue to bless you and your family! :-)

Had a photoshoot with our official photographers, brothers Kel + Mar of MyPhotato, prior to dinner. This was their …