Wednesday, October 02, 2013


You will surely laugh when you find out that one of the items on our bucket list is to attend a Boracay wedding. You will wonder knowing that since we've done so many in the past two years, how can we not have attended at least one? Well, truth be told, we've never really been to a Boracay wedding. Since everything we do is online and we simply send our flowers via air cargo, there's been no chance to go and experience how awesome it must be to actually be there - with the famous sunset on your face, and the azure waters at your feet. Sure, we've been to the island several times (and we do miss it so), but we're still hoping to go and just be a guest for once. Well, something to look forward to. ^_^ 

Today, we're sharing Steve & Livi's wonderful beach affair. We got to work on this one in March of 2012, and we're just overjoyed to be working with one of Cebu's best photographers: Rock Paper Scissors. RPS and Vatel Manila (along with other wedding suppliers, most of them friends) were featured in the same issue of the Wedding Essentials magazine back in 2011. With that, you can say that we're practically 'batchmates'. Funny enough, we only got to meet Jeffroger, the man behind RPS, this week in Manila and that being a bucket list item as well, we're just glad to finally write it off. Surely, good things come to those who wait. ^_^ Enjoy this set! 

Preps_ Asya Premier
Photographer_ Rock Paper Scissors
Planner_ Boracay Weddings

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