Sunday, October 20, 2013


We're not as starstruck as we would like to admit. We're the type who only read showbiz news when we see it on our Facebook feed; other than that, we're pretty much out of the loop. We don't follow celebrities on any social network, and the only artista persons we know in Twitter are @sharon_ cuneta12 (who is said to be notorious for snapping back at her detractors) & @superstarmarian (which turned out to be a fictitious Marian Rivera account, but is actually ridiculously amusing!). So imagine our surprise when we ended up working on Paolo & Sam's wedding last February 2013.

By a brilliant twist of fate, we saw a feed about Paolo's proposal to Sam during Gary V's concert in the States. That we are a fan of Gary V & Martin Nievera is an understatement: we listened to their songs long before they recorded on CDs (please don't judge me). Then, while watching the video, Sam's name suddenly seemed familiar. We checked our Inbox and lo and behold, there it was: an inquiry! The rest is history.

For decades, their two families have been closely entwined by work and friendship. This wedding has definitely strengthened and sealed that relationship for many more years to come. It's all perfectly summed up by Sam's sister who said,"Who would have thought that Sam had known her husband all her life? How amazing is that? They really are a perfect match."            

Paolo & Sam, thank you for being so gracious and for allowing us to work for, and with you. May you always be inspired by a line from Gary V's 'I Will Be Here': "I will be true / to the promise I have made / To you and to the one who gave you to me." Again, thank you and all the best! ^_^ 

Preps_ Raffles Hotel Manila
Ceremony & Reception_ Manila Polo Club
Photographer_ Mangored
Video_ Bob Nicolas
Gown_ Inno Sotto
Groom's Suit_ Gian Romano
HMUA_ Xeng Zulueta / Felicity Son
Engagement Styling_ Tipping Point Collective
Event Styling_ Robert Blancaflor
Customized Boutonnieres_ {etc} Handmade Goodness
Bridal Bouquet & Entourage Flowers_ Vatel Manila  
This is likewise featured in Bride & Breakfast, Bridal Book, Pep.Ph, & It has seen print in Wedding Essentials magazine, and in other showbiz publications. 

Paolo and Sam from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

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