Wednesday, October 09, 2013


We are overjoyed to finally feature Basil and Cherry's Whimsical Woodlands-inspired wedding at The Mango Farm. After 11 years of being together, they were blessed with such great weather on their special day! We can only thank them for being so nice, trusting us with everything - even with the cake styling (one of our secret talents, ha ha!). Special thanks to our friend, Punky of Box of Sweets, for helping us with this task. ^_^ 

It was just wonderful working again with friends on this event, and we just adore how it turned out so personal and cozy, with the ceremony & reception bathed in warm inviting colors. It really helps getting suppliers who are friends with each other because they will really work hard to impress, not just the couple, but each other as well (that's peer pressure at its best!). It also helped a lot that Basil & Cherry chose the perfect photo team for this - Jaja Lifestyle Photography. Jaja's style is bright, detail oriented, crisp, young, and wrapped in delicious sunshine - her photographs will definitely warm the heart of viewers for years to come. ^_^ 

For this set up, we used a mix of wild fillers & flowers (mostly Queen Anne's Lace & wild Chamomile) plus a selection of unusual succulents to give it a fresh & carefree feel. We didn't really want to overanalyze the theme, and we made sure to shy away from traditional elements like birds and cages (we're officially going botanical!) In the absence of special lighting, we used lots of candles, too. Trust us when we say that candles can really do wonders for your reception setup! ^_^   

If you have the time, please watch the SDE (see below) prepared by Dan Mendiola. We like that he didn't rush through the whole thing - everything was just so nice and heartfelt (the vows just tugged at our heartstrings). Basil & Cherry, thank you so much for making us a part of your wedding team. It's been a privilege doing all of these for you! All the best! ^_^               

Preps_ Eastwood Richmonde
Ceremony_ Santa Maria della Strada
Reception_ The Mango Farm
Photographer_ Jaja Lifestyle Photography
Video_ Dan Mendiola
Gown_ Zandra Lim
MUA_ Carmie Locsin
Planner_ Laurice Grace Forbes_ Making it Happen
Cake_ Box of Sweets by Punky Porka // Cake Styling by Vatel Manila
Entourage Flowers_ Vatel Manila
Church & Reception Flowers & Setup_ Vatel Manila 

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