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Not many people know that Ms. Catherine Cunanan, fondly known in the wedding industry as Kaye or simply K, is one of the biggest influences in the way we do business. Back when we were still defining our style, she already re-defined the way catering should be done in Manila. With her natural flair for making things look pretty, she and her company, K. by Cunanan Catering, brought back style and elegance to an industry long fraught with large, busy, overbearing reception setups. The new look that Kaye brought was fresh, clean, minimal, and young, with well-thought out details that reflected the couple and their personalities. The day we finally got to work with her at our home base, The Mango Farm, totally changed our perspective of things, and finally helped us put a name to our style: SoCal or Southern California. That was back in 2009.        

Fast forward to 2012. Kaye told us that she was already planning her wedding and boy, were we elated when she asked us to do her entourage flowers! This was totally unexpected because despite having worked with her so many times, Kaye and I are not really close (methinks). We'd usually just say hi lang to each other whenever she's at the Farm, but we know too well to steer clear because she's not someone you'd want to mess up with when she's working. Yes, she's so focused like that. But I really really admire her work a lot that's why my heart was filled with so much joy that she's chosen me to do her flowers.

Kaye has only one request for her bridal bouquet: Anemones. This isn't something commonly used by florists in Manila because it's highly seasonal and doesn't hold up well in our tropical weather. Fortunately, it was in season in January and we were so lucky to get 6 bundles of really beautiful black and white Anemones. They arrived from Europe before New Year and were made to sit in the fridge until they opened in time for the wedding day. It was such a joy to see them! We've never worked with Anemones before so we were both excited and worried (to death!), but we really just want to grant Kaye's wish! We never told her the flowers arrived, and she only found out when she opened the styro box that coddled her bouquet as it was transported from Manila to Batangas by our good friend, Lace, Kaye's former staff (now with Koi Swimwear). You can see that part in the SDE at the end of this post. ^_^  

To Kaye, we don't really talk as much but I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration, not just to me but to so many others. My team and I wish you all the best as you begin a new life with Wesley by your side ('finally' indeed!). Do know that you will always have a fan in me. See you around! ^_^  

Preps x Punta Fuego Resort 
Ceremony Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
Photographer x Pat Dy
Video x Bob Nicolas
Coordinator x Planners Plus 
Gown x Veluz
Food x K. by Cunanan Catering
Musicians x Micahel & Angelo Manahan
Entourage Flowers x Vatel Manila

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Wes and Kaye from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

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