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Despite the 'Manila' in our brand, we're actually very provinciano by heart. This 2011 wedding in Davao City is special to us because it represented a homecoming of sorts to our place of birth. Jonathan and Haezel, who are both based abroad, were very hands on during the preps. We got to chat with them a lot during the course of the planning and they've been really helpful in terms of giving us a firm view of how they want their wedding to be. Too bad though that we weren't ready then for out-of-town reception styling (that would have been really swell, if ever!). We remember Jonathan and Haezel as among the kindest people we've ever encountered; you can really feel their goodness coming through. 

It's also amazing that we got to work with mostly Visayan-speaking suppliers. From Tito Cecilio Abad (who hails from Bacolod) to Ryan Ortega (who referred us; from Davao) and MVP Digital (from Cagayan de Oro, my other home). This wedding opened a lot of doors for us in that we now do a lot of destination weddings. Out-of-Manila events now comprise 10% of our total events in a year with Boracay being our major market, followed by Cebu, Davao / General Santos, and Bohol. More than anything, we have our fellow suppliers to thank for bringing us to these wonderful places. May our good Lord bless you all for your generosity and kindness. ^_^ 

 Today, dear readers, we proudly present the wedding of Jonathan & Haezel. Enjoy! ^_^

Preps_Marco Polo Davao
Ceremony_Sta. Ana Parish
Photographer_Ryan Ortega
Video_MVP Digital 
Gown_Cecilio Abad
Customized Items_{etc} Handmade Goodness 
Entourage Flowers_Vatel Manila
--- Watch their SDE below:
Haezel & Jonathan SDE from Allan Alejandrino on Vimeo.

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