Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I don't recall anymore the circumstance of our communication with Leslie, but for sure we've emailed more through Facebook than through regular channels. I think there's a downside to running a virtual office: one misses the golden opportunity of knowing the couple more. What's unusual, however, is that when you reach the hotel to deliver the flowers on the wedding day, there's an instant feeling of having known each other for some time: a flash of warm smile here, a firm handshake. The universe really has its way of solving things. :-)

For you, John & Leslie, I share this quote from the I Ching, one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts:

When two people are at one
in their inmost hearts
They shatter even the strength of iron
or of bronze
And when two people understand each other
in their inmost hearts
Their words are sweet and strong
like the fragrance of orchids. - 
When Two People Are at One I Ching

Again, thank you and may God bless you both and your loved ones! :-)

Video_Phoeben Teocson
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