Friday, November 23, 2012


The reason why we love referring Redsheep Cinema to our couples is because they never fail to impress with their non-traditional & cutting edge style of making wedding films. Every same-day edit (SDE) they make is worth looking forward to - and we've had several chances to work with them to back that claim up. ^_^ Their videos are both a visual & musical delight (their music choices are just wow, mind blowing!  )

Vince & Jo are such a wonderful pair. If only we served tea during couple visits at the Farm, it would have been the perfect excuse to stay longer and just chat up a storm. The first few days I got to meet Groom Vince, we felt that their wedding had to be covered by Redsheep and we weren't mistaken. Talk about gut feel. ^_^ Enjoy their SDE!

Redsheep Photo + Cinema
Vince x Jo x 07.21.2012 (Our Lady of Pentecost + The Mango Farm) from redsheepxxx on Vimeo.

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