Friday, November 02, 2012


Dear Community,

It's been a long trip together since we worked on the wedding of our first ever W@Wie bride in 2009. We've had our downs, no doubt, but we always cherish and remember our ups - because those were the times when you allowed us to be at our best. We became who we are now because you allowed us to be us - no limitations, no ifs or buts, no restrictions. You gave us your pure trust and confidence, and we have tried our very best to match your every expectations.

When you first nominated us to the list in 2010, we were beside ourselves with glee (the confusion and surprise came first, of course, but we got over those quite easily). When we got the SMS alert of Ms. Benz at around 2AM or thereabouts, a mixed feeling descended upon us in the darkness (we were asleep when it arrived, you know!). It was a dream come true, quite literally, and we distinctly recall having heaved a deep sigh and thanked God profusely for the wonderful gift, coming as it were on our birthday month.

In 2011, we prayed that He grant us another chance at the list, if He deemed us worthy, if only to prove that we weren't a one-hit wonder (the florists who got nominated before us didn't last more than a year on the list) and this was granted, too, when we were nominated again in October 2011. That year, as in 2010, we also entered the top 5 circle. That was totally way too much to process, but wow! It was unbelievable!

October 2012 passed with quite a few surprises for us (our first formal feature in Metro Weddings, for example, and exciting editorial shoots that remain under wraps as we speak) and we weren't conscious anymore of what's to come. Then it happened again: our third nomination! And we're so happy, too, that you nominated two other florists! This only means that flowers are now more appreciated than ever before.

You know, when we started in 2005, a lot of brides always say (as they still do now, ha ha) that they know zit/nothing/nada about flowers. In 2011, we've been told that our work has made a lot of brides WANT to have beautiful flowers on their wedding day. What used to be a non-essential is now back on top of the bride's wedding check list, wow! For this, we likewise extend to you the sincerest thanks of flower farmers, hawkers, and arrangers who now have improved lives because of the ever growing interest in flowers. Because of your ardent support, we florists are able to support more people and their families who depend on us for their livelihood. Again, thank you very much!

At this point, please allow us to digress and extend our sincerest thanks to our industry friends. From the very start, we have worked closely with photographers and we owe you tons for capturing not just the aesthetic, but the essence of our work as well. Thank you so much for this! Because of your support, we have likewise vowed to support and promote the up-and-coming ones who share our passion for things beautiful. It's our humble way of giving back to your group.

To our team, especially the ladies of {etc} Handmade Goodness: you are our inspiration. Your passion for weddings beyond your very own continue to inspire us to be better at what we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas (and funny one-liners!) to the world! The brand, Vatel Manila, has never been the same since your group came to life, and breathed life into the business. Here's to more pretty weddings to work on!

To our other partners: the wedding planners & coordinators who always refer us (you know who you are!), our fellow crafters, and the magazines & websites who never tire of featuring us and our work (Weddings Essentials! Martha Stewart Weddings! Metro Weddings! Bridal Book! Bride & Breakfast! Bridetastic Philippines! The Wedding Enthusiast! The Rebellious Brides!), thank you so much!

A special shout-out goes to the ladies of K. by Cunanan Catering who always refer us to their couples! Super duper thank you for the support! We love you to bits!

To The Mango Farm: what more what can we say? From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

To our partner florists: you make life so much bearable. Thank you for being so generous with us.

Finally, to the W@Wies, you have given us three years and we are beyond ecstatic! Thank you so much for your confidence and unwavering belief that if given the chance, we will deliver as we always have in the past. We have always been excited, and remain excited to work with more of you! Please do not hesitate to write us when you feel like doing so. We may not respond as quickly as we used to (things are just not the same as when they were 5 years ago!), but we promise to always reply soon enough. ^_^

To all our couples, W@Wies or not, we pray that all of you enjoy your preps, and that all of you will have a blast during your weddings. Please continue supporting your wedding suppliers, and we promise to be always there for you, too, as you move closer towards your event day. Please do know that more than being a supplier, we can also remain good friends even after the wedding (think coffee, chats, movies, dinners! Ain't that swell?!).

Again, for everything, maraming maraming salamat! :-)                      

XOXO, Dylan Yap Gozum for Team Vatel Manila

AM+DG. To God be the Glory. Solo Dios Basta.

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