Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Two years ago, we started a every-two-years tradition of thanking our friends in the wedding industry for all the support that they've given (and continue to give) us. You can check out our Merienda Cena HERE shot by our dear friend, J Lucas Reyes,back in 2010.

In 2011 & 2012, we've been gifted with many wonderful things, beautiful weddings among them, but more than the output of those weddings, we really cherish more the friendships we've made along the way. From an original 50 guests two years ago, we're so blessed to have 100 friends and family coming to celebrate the evening with us. Would have loved to invite more, but it's just physically impossible to attend to so many people at the same time. Soon, we'd love to have certain groups finally join us, especially the editorial boards of the magazines & blogs that have featured (and continue to feature) us on their precious pages & sites.

This year, we devote this thanksgiving dinner to our photographer friends - they who have taken shots of our work and featured them on their respective sites. For this, we owe them oh-so-much. This dinner is our simple way of saying 'Thank You' for everything.

We would like to thank everyone who made it, and those who messaged us that they won't be there (we missed you!). Super duper special thanks goes to the Santos Family of The Mango Farm (for all the support & love, thank you!), Kaye & Kar of K. by Cunanan Catering (for the generous gifts of yummy-ness & for the beautiful setup! Love you both to bits!), Maja Martinez-Angeles of Passion Cooks Catering (so sad that you didn't make it! And thank you, super, for the yummy catfish salad!), Martin & Joy San Gabriel (the strawberry shortcake giveaways are just so appropriate & divine! I cannot thank you both enough!), Ms. Chelo of Rachebeli (the peppermint chocolate bars are so special! Thank you for the generosity!), and sending us love from Cebu City, Mark & Linette Cantalejo of Mark Cantalejo Photography (daghang salamat sa porky pig, ha ha!!! Everybody loved him/her to bits - literally!).

We also would like to thank our friends who took photos & video (J Lucas Reyes, Daniel Lei Sarmiento, Joannie Candi, Sweet Casuyon, MyPhotato, Toto Villaruel & Nicolai Melicor), thank you so very much!

To all our couples: past,  present & future, thank you very much for your love, trust, & support.

To more beautiful weddings (& dinner parties!),

XOXO Dylan

Photos in this set are by

J Lucas Reyes | Lifestyle Photography
E: photography@jlucasreyes.com
M: 0919.836.3620

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