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We're going to start featuring engagement sessions here at the Vatel Manila blog to allow our readers to take a peek into the preparations our couples go through prior to the wedding. E-sessions are like windows into the couple's souls; the props they use & the theme they choose show us what they are really like as people, and what they both like as a couple.

Oftentimes, e-sessions also allow the couple to become someone they aren't. They play dress up, do wacky stuff. Why, even the non-romantics are lulled into doing things they thought they'd never do in their entire life! Ah, the magic of the e-session. :-)

Part One is here.

For this series, we discuss the shoot with Mitch Gatlabayan-Carlos,the bride.

Tell us about your location:

Our first venue was the Pan de Amerikina in Marikina. Aside from the good food, it also features a jumbo-sized chess set where kids of all ages can play. And since Leo is a chess addict (being a member of the Philippine team and all), it was only but natural for us to have our prenup there (even if I don't know how to play chess, he he!).

Our second venue was at the Mango Farm. We really fell in love with the place :-)


Tell us about your theme and color scheme and why these are important to you.

Our colors are white, black and yellow. Black and white for Leo's [passion for] chess. And yellow for a splash of brightness and happiness. :-)

Tell us about your photographer. How did you find him? Why did you choose him?

We got Daniel Lei Studio as our photographer and videographer. I searched really, really hard to find them because we wanted a different style to the usual photos and videos that we see in all weddings. Someone in weddings@work mentioned them and when I looked at their website (that was around 2am already), I know we found the one that we've been looking for :-)

Imagine, I knew we were going to get them already even if we haven't met them yet :-)


Your favorite part of the shoot?:

When Leo and Lei had to go to the mall to buy a memory card, hehe :-)

Seriously, our favorite part was when Lei asked us to lie down on the cold chess floor. We got colds the next day, ha ha!

How did you react when you saw the shoot results?

Couldn't believe it because it was exactly what we had in mind. :-)

Your advice to brides?

Please ask someone to bring you water/juice once you and your husband arrive at the reception. You'll be super thirsty by this time, promise! :-)

Location Guide: Pan de Amerikana Bakeshop & The Mango Farm

Daniel Lei Studio
Landline: 334-9037
Globe: 0906-2722320 (Primary)
Smart: 0920-5016209
YM: wsi_lei

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