Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A dream come true.

That, to us, was the call we got from the one, the only WEDDING ESSENTIALS magazine two weeks ago. The Editorial Assistant, Tina Roxas, was very very nice and asked us to be the next subject of their WE DISCOVERY section, a portion of the magazine devoted to up and coming wedding suppliers. For this, we only have all our beautiful brides to thank for their trust in our humble abilities. We send you our love! :-)

Yesterday, July 27, we had the first of three shoots for the January 2011 issue. The editors requested me to make two rose bouquets: one white, one pink. The white was to be clean and classic, while the pink, vintage romantic. We agonized over this for a while (given the short notice) and we were only able to improvise once we saw what materials were available to us.

The white rose bouquet was revised only once. It really was difficult to make a 6-inches diamater arrangement using roses this big, but it was the only way to meet the exacting requirements of the board, which was to draw attention to the roses. For this, we used a perennial, an Eryngium thistle, to fill in the gaps made by the roses. The subtle shade really makes the white roses pop out. Around the base, we used swamp foxtail grass which is available during the rainy season, to hide the rest of the stems and wiring. Because of of it's freshly-picked-from-the-garden quality, it reminded us so much of several films, Sense & Sensibility among them. This inspiration helped us finish the detailing of the handle. The base is a black and white toile with contemporary prints, with a lace ribbon folded in a fan manner & secured in place with a lace belt and a brooch. A sprig of black coque feathers completed the look. Jane Austen would have been proud.

The write up we provided:

Windy fields, rustic charm, & youthful romance – these and more are brought to mind by this white, green, and mocha latte bouquet. Created with Jane Austen’s character, Marianne Dashwood, in mind, this arrangement attempts to capture Ms. Dashwood’s spontaneity, love of nature, and romantic idealism. We dedicate this arrangement to the kind of love that lives and breathes sense and sensibility.

In this bouquet: Vendela Roses, Eryngium giganteum (thistle), & Pennisetum alopecuroides (swamp foxtail grass).

The pink bouquet was easier to conceptualize because the Philippine wedding scene is currently on a "vintage fever", as we call it. Everyone's all agog over anything vintage-y: cars, cage veils, brooches, feathers of all sorts, and laces. For this one, we only had to source inspiration, yet again, from films. My Fair Lady immediately came to mind (one of our favorite scenes there is the Ascot opening day! Watch it here!).

Although Audrey Hepburn's character, Eliza Doolittle, never got married in the film, it was implied that she would most likely do so (it would be so sad and tragic if she were to marry Higgins!). We used lots of lace to fill the space between the roses, as well as these lovely spotted feathers that gave the bouquet its sense of drama. The ribbons and the damask-patterned brocade ribbon completed the overall feminine feel of this arrangement. We're very happy about the outcome of this particular bouquet. It's just as we envisioned it. :-)

By the way, in case you haven't noticed the pendant, we found this online and ordered it immediately (yes, it's Audrey as Eliza!). Thanks, Jo Candi, for the tip!

The write up we provided:

Every lady deserves a chance to be happy. Eliza Doolittle, excellently played by Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 film adaptation of My Fair Lady, knows this all too well. From a Cockney flower seller at Covent Garden to a lady with manners, Eliza’s character was akin to a rose in full bloom. If this bouquet does not make you want to dance all night, we don’t know what else will!

In this bouquet: Geraldine Roses, feathers and lace. Pendant featuring the likeness of Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle was bought online.

Tomorrow, we're doing a profile shot and yet another set of floral arrangements next week. Will post updates! :-)

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Manila Girl! said...

i love your jane austen rendition of the white one


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