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We admit this is a rather delayed entry. We've been so busy lately - events, magazine shoots, conceptualizing (what, no sleeping on the list?). We wanted to make it up to you, VM followers, by posting this really, really wonderful engagement session in a most unusual place possible: a helicopter hangar. Yeah, the kind where you come to take the, uhm, flight to work. Abby's one lucky girl, but looking at Billy's facial expressions, we think he feels he's the luckier one.

In this set, Vatel Manila chats with the amazing Puy Talde of Really Awesome Weddings. Thank you, Puy, for taking the time! We appreciate it ever SO much! :-)

The wedding photos are here and here.

Tell us about the concept of this shoot:
The concept was thought of by the bride actually. That hangar is where she normally goes when she needs to fly from Manila to her place of work. Helicopter hangars are very masculine, so the emotions coming out from an e-session softens the feel altogether. It helped that the couple prepared various sets of wardrobe that reflect who they are, even going as far as wearing couture on a literal runway.---

Your favorite elements?
The couple :) It is such a showbiz answer but honestly, people make photographs interesting. Billy and Abby gave me those gorgeous candid moments that just blew me away.---

How do you make couples feel comfortable?
Our style for couple poses is fairly simple. It depends on the couple if they are comfortable with edgy or mushy poses. Normally before the shoot we talk to them and just get a feel of their personalities. Then we adjust to make their body movements and facial expressions look as natural as possible.

Why was an airfield / hangar chosen for this particular shoot?

Let's just say, helicopters are Abby's bus ride to work. :) ---

How is shooting in a location like this any different from, say, a destination venue?

Unique locations are always better (for me) than destination venues. First, it challenges you as a photographer to think out of the box to make something unconventional look elegant and edgy. Second, i am able to concentrate more on the couple rather than worrying if i got better shots of the surroundings. As long as there are people to shoot, i'm good with any location they choose. :)


Highlight of the shoot:
The couple wearing masterpieces by Cecilio Abad and shooting them beside a helicopter. It was just elegant and the helicopter added that edgy feel to the photo.

Favorite memory of this day?
As we were shooting the couple, a helicopter suddenly hovered behind them. The video team was also there and he also got that shot. We literally shouted in amazement after that frame!!! ---

Tips on choosing a location:

As long as the couple are comfortable with the location, we are okay with that. :) At the end if the day, we want to showcase more of the couple and their love rather than the location that they've chosen.---

Tips to couples on how to prepare for an e-session:
A lot of engaged couples nowadays give a lot of time and effort in conceptualizing their e-sessions. And there's nothing wrong with that, really. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event anyway. But they should always make sure that there would still be hints of their personalities and character in the concept of their e-session. That would make it more personal and meaningful for the couple and their family and friends who would be seeing those photos.
Your wish for the couple?
That their love may continue to overcome the miles that separate them, that they live a long, healthy life together, and that they continue to shower Paeng and their future children all the love and care that they can give.

Location Guide: Private Hangar, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)


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