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--  We would've loved to write this blog entry in Filipino, but we grew up thinking in English so we wouldn't want to stress you with our attempts at anything literary at this point. Suffice to say that we are much - very much - thankful for this wedding because of all that it represents: love, family, and country. 
We've been doing weddings for almost 8 years now and we've seen how almost all weddings have looked far - very far - for inspiration. All this hullabaloo about anything rustic, vintage, shabby chic have been inspired by American weddings. In fact, Philippine weddings in general have practically adopted the current American wedding aesthetic (truth be told, we're guilty of this, too!). But how many Filipiniana-themed weddings have we done these past years? A little less than 10 - and we do more than 200 weddings a year. Imagine that. 
We give props to Degs & Thea for injecting this wedding with fun and color that truly reflects the Filipino spirit. …