Friday, October 10, 2014


From their colour motif & wedding theme alone, we already had an inkling as to what Jester & Timmy are like. Surely, one can't go wrong with Teal & Mint, with accents of light yellow and gray - it's very young, fresh, and pleasing to the eyes. Their invitation suite was practically a garden on paper, with lovely leaves and flowers and wreaths! Their pin-wheel theme added the playful part to the whole thing - this was integrated in the other details like the ring & coin pillows, the boutonnières for the men, and church décor. And oh, did you notice how adorable the wedding cake was? It looked too happy to eat! ^_^ Kudos to Foreveryday Photography for capturing everything so beautifully! ^_^ Check out their SDE by Christian Andaya at the bottom of the post.
How we wish more couples would plan weddings that are more them instead of following trends. Trust us when we say that personalized weddings are a trifle more memorable than aiming for a wedding that you only wanted to be featured on a blog or in a magazine. You have to plan a wedding for yourself (first and foremost!), and for your family & friends next. This way, there's going to be some kind of special fondness in reliving (and relishing) the past when you finally get to share your wedding photos with your future kids. ^_^ Again, thank you so much, Jester & Timmy, for allowing us to share in your happy memories!       

Preps_ Eastwood Richmonde
Ceremony_ St. John Paul II Chapel
Photographer_ Foreveryday Photography
Video_ Christian Andaya
Gown_ Randy Ortiz
MUA_ Julie Ebio
Coordinator_ Kiss The Girls
Food_ K. by Cunanan Catering
Customized Boutonnieres, Pinwheels, Pillows_ {etc} Handmade Goodness
Bridal Bouquet & Entourage Bouquets_ Vatel Manila
This wedding was featured on Bridal ^_^

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