Thursday, September 05, 2013


The Universe can be downright surprising at times. Just a week before we got Bride Ems' inquiry, we posted on our Facebook status about our little wish to do a Batanes wedding someday. Seriously, that has got to be a major item on our bucket list! And what do you know? We were gifted with this wedding, and more! We were beyond delirious to know that we're also working with friends, Jeff & Lisa Photography, and Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast, one of the leading lights in the local crafting industry. She may not know it, but we're a huge fan of her work! This is the second time that we got to work with her (the first was during Patty Laurel's wedding), and the things she did for Eugene & Ems really gave this event its fun vibe.     

This was also the first time our craft team, {etc} Handmade Goodness, made a bouquet using dried Lavender. You have to smell real Lavender to know that it's heaven on earth! It's probably the most relaxing natural scent out there. We were also tasked to do the wreaths for the church, which was a real challenge as we had to make them in Manila and ship them a day in advance. They all looked great, IMHO! They didn't look like they got damaged during the trip. Would definitely suggest those in future out-of-town weddings. 

Eugene & Ems, thank you so much for making all this possible! This was truly a dream come true for us. ^_^

Preps & Reception_Fundacion Pacita
Ceremony_Tukon Chapel 
Photography_ Jeff & Lisa
Gown_ Jot Losa
Invites_ Pocoy Calvento
MUA_ Meg Lachica
Cake_ Joy San Gabriel
Food_ Pino
Styling & Entourage Flowers_ Alessandra Lanot
Customized Lavender Bridal Bouquet_ {etc} Handmade Goodness
Groom's Boutonniere & Flower Girl Basket_ Vatel Manila 
Church Flowers_ Vatel Manila
Nature & Nostalgia_Bride & Breakfast 
Eugene & Ems' Video Teaser_Rebellious Brides 
E&E's Crafty Wedding in Batanes_Life After Breakfast

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