Saturday, September 21, 2013


We're feeling awesome to have been a part of this shoot! The idea of adding a bouquet was something we randomly took up with Marlon Capuyan (who is - hands down - one of Cebu's most talented photographers) and we were right that it would greatly help in pushing the overall look forward. Flowers always make a difference in any set. Who was it who said that 'I must have flowers, always, and always.' ? Ah, Claude Monet. ^_^  

We just love the relaxed and young vibe of this session. We think this particular set can teach all couples a lesson or two in being themselves when doing an engagement shoot. Really, there's no need to overdo things - we're afraid this cannot be overemphasized enough. A great location, 2 sets of carefully chosen clothing, a creative HMUA, and a wonderful photographer. And flowers. These, to us, are the essential tools in making any engagement shoot the best that they can possibly be. ^_^          

Photographer_ Marlon Capuyan 
HMUA_ Apple Faraon 
Flowers_ Vatel Manila 
Location_ Indigo Suites in Lipa, Batangas 
We feature engagement sessions to show how our couples prepare for their big day. If you are a Vatel Manila couple & wish to share with us your own, please let us know!

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