Friday, July 19, 2013


In commemoration of our 8th year in the wedding industry, we are doing throw-back posts of our past weddings. This is one of the more memorable weddings we did back in December of 2009. Yes, that was 4 years ago but looking at these photos, it seems like we only worked on this event yesterday.

We have faint recollection of what had transpired during the day. Suffice to say that there was some kind of doubt at the beginning if we could deliver, concept wise. Back then, we were so new to the industry and we were hardly known. Adding to the pressure was the fact that the Groom's Mom was a florist who was then based in New York (yes, we were told that, too, for maximal effect). There was so much to consider and fret about. *sigh*

Come wedding day, we ended up spending an hour chatting with the Groom's Mom about flowers, the business, and the future. She was admiring the bouquet we made for her: white Lisianthus, succulents, and wild berries. Something she probably wouldn't have seen in a NYC wedding, but something that is uniquely Philippine (at least in aesthetic). You can surmise at this point that we've passed the test with flying colors and from that point onward, we haven't really felt fear again nor have we doubted ourselves and the things we can do.

Four years. So many lessons. We can't believe we've gone this far. We're very happy & thankful for brides - and Moms! - who have given us the chance to work with and for them. ^_^

Preps: Oakwood Premiere
Photographer: Nice Print
Video: Nice Print
Gown: Francis Libiran
Catering: K. by Cunanan
Venue: The Mango Farm
Entourage Flowers & Ceremony Setup: Vatel Manila

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