Sunday, July 07, 2013


When our friend, Aira Franco, told us about this shoot, she only needed to say two things to get us on board: Cebu & Marlon Capuyan

Everyone knows by now how special Cebu is for us: it was our home for almost 4 years, and a large chunk of our handmade goodness items are actually flown there. For this, the team is truly grateful!

One of Cebu's treasures are its creatives, and the island is very lucky to have one in the person of Marlon Capuyan. We have always been a fan of his photographs and we are truly delighted to present to you today our first ever collaboration. Special thanks to Aira for making this possible. Enjoy!  

Photographer: Marlon Capuyan 
Stylist: Aira Franco 
MUA: Fritz Mortel
Customized Head Wreath: {etc} Handmade Goodness 
Location Guide: Cebu

This engagement shoot is likewise featured HERE

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