Monday, June 17, 2013


There's something about learning sessions that attract us, much like a moth to the flame (sans the disastrous end, of course). Growing up in a household where Mom was an English Literature teacher who was known to have lovingly terrorized her students back in her heydays made us appreciate continuing education more, and now that we move within the wedding industry, it's not a surprise that we'd end up supporting awesome learning activities like the Firestarter

Lisa of Jeff & Lisa Photography, co-founder of this endeavor, first broached this idea to us last year and now that we're on our second year together with other partners & sponsors, we're very happy to know that this activity continues to inspire so many young people to keep doing what they're doing, not because they need to, but because they want to.  Inspiration is a wonderful thing. As Eleanor Roosevelt puts it, it's doing one thing that scares you - every day. It truly is a leap of faith.   

We at Vatel Manila are proud to be a part of this wonderful workshop. Here's to more years of rekindling flames & starting fires! 

Much Love, Dylan
SPONSORS // VSCO Film X  ProPhoto Blogs X Weddings@Work X The Peninsula Manila

PARTNERS  // Veluz X Chichi Sotomil X Vatel Manila 

SPEAKERS // Jason Magbanua X Nelwin Uy X Benz Co-Rana

Enshong Miranda // Rubber Duckie Photography
Eric Santos // Caslow Photography
Burtz Rolian // Blink Box Photos
Lianne Bacorro // Lianne Bacorro Photography
Kate dela Cruz // Kate dela Cruz Photography
April Cabigao-Pulido // April & Manny Photography
Rich Martinez // Bing Bang Weddings & Events
Lloyd Valenzuela // Lloyd Valenzuela Photography
Nikk & Aia // Nikk & Aia Photography

Read more about the first Firestarter HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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