Tuesday, June 18, 2013


To be honest, we've never seen a wedding so wonderfully photographed as that of Kenneth & Paula's. There's a certain sheen, a soft light that pervades the entire set of photos - very feminine, very elegant, very detail oriented, very young. The subjects seem to glow from within - something we rarely see in this day and age of extreme digital manipulation. Of course it wouldn't come as a surprise that the creatives behind Sunday Morning Studios are young and lovers of natural light. Although we have yet to meet them, we actually love them already and can't wait to work with them again! ^_^ 

And as we always say here or on our Facebook page, a great photographer is rendered useless if there's nothing nice to shoot. Given that we have a pretty couple - and in this case, it's obviously the case! - nothing absolutely compares to having lots of pretty details for photographers to swoon over. For this wedding, we had the chance to work on a Summer / Pastel palette, and Bride Paula's bridal bouquet was literally a burst of color: pinks, yellows, ombre Orange, and greens. This was, however, tempered by laid-back and elegant composites of Million Stars for the rest of the female entourage. We're so happy that everything just went really well against their beautiful gowns! We just LOVE how this wedding looks so polished & well put together! ^_^

What got us really excited was the couple's request to have miniature tattoo machines recreated for their customized boutonnieres and our craft team, {etc} Handmade Goodness, didn't disappoint. Ah, details! We love how weddings nowadays live and breathe details. It makes everything all the more special. You should consider giving your own wedding that extra special attention, too! ^_^

Main Photographer X Nice Print
Auxiliary Photographer X Sunday Morning Studios (used in this set)   
Planner X Epic Events
Gown X Carina Canlas-Villaluz
MUA X Jigs Mayuga
Catering X K. by Cunanan

This wedding is also featured in Bride & Breakfast. ^_^ 

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