Saturday, May 11, 2013


We just love the idea of shooting at a local perya so when Neptune and Bonnie asked for location ideas, we didn't think twice about suggesting this - they were just the right couple for the concept!

What we love about this whole shoot was the couple didn't bother to shoot in other locations: proof that if you know what you really like and you know how it will help you achieve the look and feel that you want, you'd stick to one plan and one plan only.

It was perfect, too, since their wedding theme was 'Small Town Fair'! They really scoured the metro for a traveling small carnival and they found one right in the heart of Antipolo City. What luck! ^_^

Photo/Video: Daniel Lei Studio
Makeup: Allen Gyan 
Hair: Anthony Segun 
Concept & Wardrobe Consultant: Vatel Manila 
Location: Antipolo City

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harlequin said...

Love this! Do you know where we can catch the carnival? Would love to do a family shoot here with my baby boy. :)


--  We can't believe we worked on this wedding in 2017! It's so beautiful, so classic, so timeless! Even if this were to happen...