Friday, January 25, 2013


We're taking a break from work by sharing with you, our beloved readers, our first wedding in 2013 - that of Wesley & Catherine, more known to friends and family as Wes & Kaye. We're very proud and happy to have been trusted by one of the Philippine wedding industry's most trusted supplier.

We wish you both a blessed life, a happy home, and tons of kids! ^_^ XOXO, Team Vatel Manila

Wes and Kaye from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

Bob Nicolas | Wedding Cinema
Office: 18 Bloomingdale Ave. Bloomingdale subd. Angono, Rizal
Landline: (+632)295.2497
Mobile: (+63)928.315.1911

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Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on themed weddings vs classic weddings? I noticed that nowadays we've forgotten about the traditional weddings. Everyone is too focused on coming up with all sorts of themes. I'm sure it's because it makes our weddings more creative and unique. Some have other reasons like it makes it more extravagant - it's something cheap people cannot afford. But we seem to forget the beauty of classic. It's timeless, simple and oh so pure! And it can also range from cheap to very expensive!

I would love to see a post about the classic weddings. No one blogs about these kind of weddings anymore that those couples who are suited better for traditional weddings tend to forget about the idea. Because of this many of them end up throwing a party that is "not them"- it becomes too artificial or superficial.

Maybe you could remind them about the beauty of a non-themed wedding.

Please post some classic weddings!


--  We can't believe we worked on this wedding in 2017! It's so beautiful, so classic, so timeless! Even if this were to happen...