Saturday, January 12, 2013


Three years ago, we dreamt of working on weddings outside Luzon. This has been granted to us in 2010 with our first wedding in Boracay. Last year, we started working on weddings in Cebu - a city that has a very special place in our heart. Thank you, Wilfred & Fresse, for trusting us! ^_^

Special thanks to Jeffroger Kho of Rock Paper Scissors for making this possible, and to Ms. Tisha Sanchez-Cue of Bliss Unlimited for all the help, especially in picking up the flowers from the airport.    
WILFRED+VISELOU-SDE from Franz Arrogante on Vimeo.

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Emma Mickie said...

You guys are amazing and miracle workers too. The video's really sweet and I was able to browse some of your designs and they're really gorgeous. Keep up the great work!


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