Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's always heart-warming when Filipinos, who already call other countries home, still decide to visit the  Motherland to celebrate some of their life's milestones. A wedding, for example, is such a big deal in the Philippines that it makes good enough reason for Filipinos to come home from abroad, wherever they may be currently residing. In fact, scheduling a Philippine wedding can be horrific for the couple as they have to consider when and who are actually able to travel and come home to attend. It's a serious business, Philippine weddings.

It is for many Filipinos, as it was for our couple, Marvin and Mari. Based in Seattle, they currently serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, and have chosen Boracay as the perfect location to bring their guests and friends. And what's a Filipino wedding without the hospitality? This counts, among others, daring some of them to try out the balut (a fertilized duck embryo eaten straight from its shell). The expression on their faces were amusing, and like the whole wedding experience, just as priceless. ^_^

Preps: Shangri-la Boracay
Wedding: Holy Rosary Parish
Photographer: Benjie Tiongco
Planner: Boracay Weddings
Make-Up: Madge Landrito Lejano
Hair: Steve Pagsanjan
Gown: Hazel Sta. Ana
Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila     
Visit Benjie Tiongco's post about this wedding HERE.

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