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I honestly don't know what else to write about this workshop because seriously, Lisa of Jeff & Lisa Photography has said it all already in the most tear-jerking way possible. She has the gift of making people tear up; every blog entry of hers is potentially bad for the health (but good for the soul) and one must always be ready with a box of Kleenex (or a bucket, as the case may be). I kid you not.

Now, I know the Firestarter Workshop is a photography workshop, but I hope you'd forgive me if I make this post a little more personal.  Looking back at these special two days (and seeing all the mind-blowing beautiful pictures that came as a result) reminded me so much of my parents - they who didn't have the chance to say 'I Do' but loved each other anyway. Unfortunately, some things were not meant to last forever. Like some broken relationships or marriages, things sometimes end up in regret (some worse)  but in my Mom's case, I can say that she regained her freedom and decided to raise me in the most caring way possible, becoming both Mom & Dad to me. Of course one cannot take away my curiosity about the circumstance that brought about our state of affairs (did they have a bad fight? About what? Was there someone else?). Mom, a few years before her death, probably sensing this, wrote me a letter for my 30th birthday:

"Dear  Son, I wish I had flowers to tell you all I have to say, but I don't. Too bad, I also cannot express all in words. In time, you will know all, and yet, after all these years, does it matter if I told you or not? We have been through a lot, still we're here. I only wish I would still find you by my side when I have lived my full years as God has planned. I have not been much of a mother - but under the circumstances, it's much of what I can do. Organize your life. It's the best thing you can do for me. Do your best as I do mine. After all, there's just US - just the two of us. We need no one else, 'di ba? Happy birthday, God bless you truly. I love you, Mom."

I still have that letter and bring it with me anywhere I go, and it's probably no coincidence that I am sharing this with you on my birthday month because I do miss her so much. 

Not many people appreciate marriage until they experience a break up. It's the most harrowing thing ever for any kid, especially for those old enough to remember it. Ironically, the companies I run work on lots of weddings every year, and sometimes I silently envy those who work hard enough to make their marriages work: the resilience is just amazing, and it makes us giddy hearing their stories. This doesn't take away from my Mom, however, or from others who have decided to lead single lives, the fact that they did love once, gave it their utmost best but were hurt in return, only to come out stronger than ever before. There are different ways of coping with loss or tragedy, and we can only hope that we come out as better persons. 

By being a player in this vast industry of helping people make their vows of ever after, do know that every little thing that I and my team does for you comes with a prayer - may all the weddings we work on and the marriage that follows be blessed with love that truly lasts a lifetime. 

XOXO, Dylan & Team Vatel Manila

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Brian de Leon
Zeus Martinez
Nez Cruz
Teki Diaz

Will post more names as they upload their works.

The Peninsula Manila

Gown { Veluz }
Makeup { Chichi Sotomil }
Flowers { Vatel Manila }
Models { Chip & Fozzy Dayrit }

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