Sunday, February 12, 2012


We've been in the wedding industry since 2005 and just when we think we already know everything about the world we move around in, our couples surprise us with great finds. One of them has got to be Stephen Prado. We totally love this SDE that he made for our couple, Meng & Ayka, who just had their wedding at our home base, The Mango Farm.

There's everything that we're looking for in a videographer: video clarity, cinematography, attention to details, & some element of surprise. If the videographer is gifted at storytelling, we consider that a bonus but Stephen Prado doesn't disappoint (you have to watch this video to understand why!). We look forward to working with him again in the future. For now, enjoy this SDE! ^_^

Meng and Ayka from Stephen Wedding Film on Vimeo.

Stephen [Prado] Wedding Film
Phone: +63917-5430614


Anonymous said...

stats for stephen's website just skyrocketed. lol!

cat said...
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cat said...
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Anonymous said...

We've had a similarly HORRIBLE experience with Stephen Prado.

He failed to show up on our wedding day, sending instead his team members who were late and failed to capture the moments of the bride getting ready at the hotel. They did not introduce themselves. They had no idea where their boss Stephen was and whether or not he would show up at the wedding. The groom had to call him up after the ceremony, only to find out that he had a "family emergency" and that he would try to make it to the reception at night. Obviously, he didn't make it to the reception either. He should have given us an early heads-up the day before at the very least. He is extremely unprofessional.

Afterwards, he would refuse to reply to numerous emails and text messages, and whenever we would follow up on the video files, he would only reply that they would be available for pick up 3-6 months after the wedding "as per contract". He is incredibly rude and would not pick up the phone whenever we try to call him either.

And so three months passed...four months...five months...six months. After a lot of displeased attempts to try to reach him, he had the unbelievable nerve to ask us what we were asking for, because he had no record of what he had given us, which was, of course, NOTHING. Then, he finally tells us that our video footage would not be available for another month. He made up excuses that our footage was of unacceptable quality to him so he had to ask his crew to redo the videos. THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE. He had 6 full months to make our wedding video PERFECT, and he should have forked up the FLAWLESS results of the raw footage by the end of 6 months, "AS PER CONTRACT".

This guy is bad news. We are vehemently discouraging ANYONE to hire him. He should not even be operating anymore. His business should be shut down.

Bianca A said...

Wow, the author removed my review about Stephen Wedding Films. If you do not want to experience a horrible after sales, then I suggest you do not hire this guy. He is a newlyweds WORSE nightmare. And yes, he will try to evade you and lie to you in a desperate, almost comical way. It's been almost 6 months and we are still waiting for our video. Worse is we live overseas. For those people planning a wedding, please do your research first about this company before hiring them. They do not have any business etiquette at all.


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