Saturday, February 18, 2012


While being an online company has its perks, we've always dreamt of having our own shop where we can be more tactile and social: nothing beats having face-to-face meetings with couples and enjoying after-work drinks with friends who, as we discovered, will always drop by whether one likes it or not (but it does sound so much fun!).

Of course we'd love to have a dog lying around (for that adorable factor!) and a coffee maker where guests can help themselves to an assortment of beans (gosh, does that mean we need pastries, too?!). We want it all cozy and with a touch of lifestyle + home so there'd be other reasons for dropping by apart from flowers and meetings.

*sigh* We'll get there soon.

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perkyperps said...

Unti-unti mo na nararating, kalangitan at'll be dream come true, dearie! Gonna be happy for you. :)


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