Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Having done weddings since 2005, albeit intermittently, has taught us one major lesson: you're only as good as your last project. Which is why we consider every wedding an opportunity to showcase the best of the things that we are able to do.

From the bridal bouquet down to the offertory flowers and throw-away bouquet, all of these bear the Vatel Manila mark because every arrangement is a like a marketing flyer, selling the brand to those who care to appreciate our work. Whoever catches the throw-away bouquet, for example, is almost always a future bride.

This also explains why we prefer to work with certain wedding suppliers who not only appreciate what we do, but also bring out the best in our work. Needless to say (but we're still saying it), we're always excited to work with dear friends like J Lucas Reyes who shares with us the deep love for all things beautiful in weddings. :-)

Here's sharing the slide show of Jor-el and Karen: proof that when your wedding suppliers know how to complement each other, the results can be as dreamy, near perfect, and mind-blowingly beautiful. Enjoy! :-)

Onsite Pictures of Jor-el and Karen's Wedding - J Lucas Reyes from Jor-el Soyangco on Vimeo.

J Lucas Reyes | Fine Art Weddings + Lifestyle Photography
Email: photography@jlucasreyes.com
Mobile: (+63).919.836.3620

Bon anniversaire, Filmtastic™! :-)

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