Friday, September 23, 2011


Every now and then we get to be asked who our favorite photographer is, and our ready answer has always been,"We have none." Which is, in fact, true. Every photographer that we have worked with has a style that's specific to them and if we think that matches our style, too, that's something we highlight every time we feature their work here in our site.

When we were starting the business, we have always planned to work more closely with photographers for several reasons. First, because we are a huge fan of photography. If given the chance, we would love to learn this art form more (but time does not permit this at the moment). Second, we have long recognized that a lot of people are very visual. For an art form that relies heavily on beauty more than function, flowers - and the resulting arrangements - have to be seen to be appreciated. Third, a lot of our friend-photographers are bloggers, too, so they carry on their blogs pictures of our work. On our end, we likewise feature their photographs to bring their work to a wider audience. It's a relationship that benefits us both, and it's a relationship that really works.

Which brings us to this set by Paolo Feliciano. It brings us great joy to know that we'll be working again with this very talented cabalen. Long before we both got featured in the January 2011 issue of Wedding Essentials magazine, we have always admired his work for their clarity & color, intelligent use of natural light, well-thought-out composition, and the trademark graphics that almost always open his every blog post.

We are happy to share with you the beautiful e-session of Alex & Xyn. :-)

Location Guide: Heima, Cubao X

See Paolo's entry here.

Paolo Feliciano
Mobile: (+63)917.535.4760

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