Friday, February 25, 2011


I am sure you've noticed it a long time ago: the dresses, the hair accessories, the pearls, the cages, the childhood photos, the seemingly ubiquitous empty frame, the brightly colored bow tie. Yes, you've seen it oh so many times in this blog or elsewhere. The bone of contention is thus: do overused ideas still have a place in this day and age where the only constant thing is change? *cues in music*

Think of it this way: It's NOT the props. It's the PEOPLE involved that makes a shoot unique & interesting.

For this set (where we were not supposed to be present but since we were, we decided to help out in any way we could; how can one resist when one is working and spending time with friends? *Awwww...*), Daniel Lei Studio-duo Lei & Joannie helped celebrate & capture romance and the old days in this beautiful, sun-washed e-session at the Mango Farm. :-)

Hand-tied bouquet by yours truly. We only made four versions of this style; one for every photographer that we admire whose works represent a certain look that we love. :-)

See the rest of the set here.

Location: The Mango Farm, Antipolo City
All photos by and courtesy of Daniel Lei Studio
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Landline: 334-9037
Globe: 0906-2722320 (Primary)
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Joannie said...

Awwww, it's always nice to work with you Dylan! Super thankies sa help!



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