Friday, February 25, 2011


I know every couple we encounter is different, but I must admit I've never met anyone as cool and as nice as Anj & Mark. Wait, I actually say that of almost everyone, LOL! But seriously, Anj & Mark are the kind who can chat up a storm for hours on end. You know, the kind where saying goodbye seemed interminable and the actual separation leaves you looking forward to the next meeting. Yep, they're nice like that. :-)

Which explains why I did a little last-minute, appeal-to-the-emotions kind of request for them to please, please do an e-session (something they originally didn't want to do) because sayang naman their good photographer. Naturally, Jaja Samaniego was up for the challenge, however short-noticed it was. We've always been fond of Jaja ever since we worked with her the first time last year and in this set, she was able to draw out Anj & Mark's yin & yang qualities that we could've have missed had we not cajoled them into doing this, yay!

Oh, did we mention that their wedding is already this Sunday (Feb 27)? :-)

See the rest of this pretty set here.

Location Guide: University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus

All photos by and courtesy of Jaja Samaniego | Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

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