Friday, October 22, 2010


The Beautiful Weddings magazine by Wedding Essentials is finally out and 9 out of 23 featured bridal bouquets (one of them is actually a Mom's bouquet. ;-p) were made by us. We are humbled by this feature.

We've only just begun. There's still so much more in store for us and our future brides. Suffice to say that by being featured in this amazing magazine, it means that we're here to stay! We look forward to being of service to more brides who want beautiful floral arrangements on their big day. :-)

We dedicate this honor to all our past and future brides: you who first believed & trusted. We cannot thank you enough.

To the Editorial Team of WE (Ms. Marbee, you've been most gracious & welcoming!) & Tin Roxas (thank you for being the ever curious person that you are!), and to NicePrint and Jeff & Lisa for sending photos of our flowers, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :-)

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. To God be the Glory.

The Succulent Cacti-Craspedia bouquet of Mitch Gatlabayan-Carlos represented the batch in the Contents page. :-)

On the second page, the bouquets of Liza Vasquez-Miole, Karel Añonuevo-Bayarcal, and one of the Mom's bouquets we made for Cecille Cui-Thomas's wedding, make their appearances. On the third page, Mitch's unique bouquet makes quite a splash (for the second time around!). At the middle part, Jing Victoriano-Acob's orange-yellow bouquet holds it own ground.

Four of our bouquets appear on the last page of the feature. Not bad for a start! :-)

Get your copy now! Visit We Heart Weddings today! :-)

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Big Apple Florist said...

These wedding floral bouquets are gorgeous! Great work and thanks for posting these images! =)


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