Thursday, October 28, 2010

OH, W@W!

Woke up rather early today and fumbled in the dark for my phones. In my Inbox, I saw a message that started with "We are happy to inform you..." from Ms. Benz Rana, co-founder of WeddingsAtWork, the Philippines' largest & most influential wedding resource website. I swear I had to rub my eyes to make sure I am reading it right. It's finally come to pass: we have been voted into the Top 10 Suppliers of the Year by our brides, both past & present.

We join the ranks of some of the industry's greats, most of whom just started their businesses a few years back. Vatel Manila is proud to find itself in this august company. This thing comes on the heels of our recent feature in the latest issue of Beautiful Weddings by Wedding Essentials, so you can just imagine how overwhelming this all is. Whether we make it to Top 5 is now moot and academic. Nothing is more important to us than having been recognized and supported by those whom we have served, and by those who we still have the pleasure & honor of serving.

To Abet & Benz Rana, you have created something so many people have appreciated. May it continue to do its purpose of being a reliable resource for those who need guidance and support. Mabuhay ang WeddingsAtWork! :-)

To The Mango Farm & GM Mike Santos, you made Vatel Manila's existence possible. Thank you from the bottom of my (infarcted) heart.

To our couples, you have given us so much this year! 2010 has been a harvest year for Vatel Manila. You have given us your trust & confidence. For this, we are eternally grateful.

To our fellow wedding suppliers, thank you for being gracious, warm, and welcoming! I always look forward to seeing you during our events together.

We dedicate this win to my Mother, Angelina Yap, whose love for flowers has given us so many pleasant memories of our childhood, and whose zest for life has given us the reason to enjoy the kind of life we now share with family and friends. You are terribly missed, Mom. How I wish you were here to see all this happening.

With much love and gratitude,

Dylan Yap Gozum
for Vatel Manila


Babe Erese said...

Congratulations, Dylan! You make so many happy...

AnGeL said...

You deserve it, friend! I know wherever your Mom is, she is proud of you --- as we all are!
Keep up the good work. You always put a smile to any bride's face ;-)

AnGeL said...

You deserve it, friend! Wherever your Mom may be, I know she is proud of you --- as we all are!
Keep up the good work. You always put a smile to a bride's face :-)

Manila Girl! said...



-- We distinctly remember this day: we had five (5) weddings (two in Metro Manila, one in Cainta, one in Cagayan de Oro, and another in Bora...