Monday, April 26, 2010


I used to review films for in my past life and managed a full-blown film blog, Pinilakang Tabing. Those were the days.

Lately, in between film festivals in Manila, I content myself with watching wedding videos. There are wedding videos, and then there are films. Lately, I have been quite attached to DLS films. The emotion is palpable and most importantly, there's a story line (to date, this remains to be my favorite)!

I can only blame DLS for making me cry buckets in private, and I envy the couples whose stories have been recorded on film for them to enjoy over and over again all the rest of their lives.

Watching Daniel Lei's films reminds me of Victorio Edades who once said,"Art is when the heart guides the hand." I feel that DLS's aesthetic is one that truly comes from the heart.

Mitch and Leo from MWCDLS on Vimeo.

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