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REAL WEDDING: LEM + JORDAN (April 13, 2010)

Had a chance to meet the couple during a rest day in Greenbelt's Seattle's Best when they were home in Manila for a week meeting all their suppliers. It's a day I terribly miss because I had the chance to be in Makati on a weekday, in daytime, and had lunch at my comfort resto, Kitchen, too, which has become really rare these days. *sigh* I miss my old life.

Anyway, thinking about it, the joy of doing themed weddings like this one has no match (I can't think of any as of this writing). A hippie wedding in the city! How many people can pull that theme off?

The day started the night before for the floral arrangements (there weren't much), but the agonizing wait for the Craspedia to arrive from the airport dealt a severe blow on my body clock, but they were so worth the wait. Also, there were last-minute changes in the call times so that meant a change in the itinerary, too. The coordinator wasn't at the hotel when I delivered the flowers so as things would have it there was confusion at the church and Lem, the groom, ended up not wearing his boutonnière which made me really sad. The bride, however, brightened my day by showing me these photos taken by a friend, Imman Navarro. It was through Jordan's help and generosity that we are able to post these photos here in our blog. Thank you, thank you so much, Jordan! :-)

When I woke up at 6AM, I was horrified - it was raining! The first time in months, yes, but this wedding's reception was al fresco. The courtyard of the Filipinas Heritage Library has no roof (or tent) to speak of so I immediately texted Lace Tan of K. by Cunanan Catering re Plan B. At Dusit Thani, I also shared the numbers of my able tent supplier to Jordan just in case the bad weather persisted. Thankfully it didn't so on with the show!

I loved it that the entourage members played their part to the hilt! It's very important that your entourage members enjoy the wedding, too, so they can do their tasks well. Part of the fun, of course, is to make sure they wear nice clothes (and NOT costumes!) and that everything is well thought of and tastefully put together. I think this is where a theme helps in creating the final look of your wedding. Color schemes, pretty soon, will never be enough.

For this wedding, I worked with designer Dotie Diaz who made the fascinators for the women in the entourage. I have long wanted to work with Dotie. She was a former The Mango Farm bride whose wedding was postponed twice because of Ondoy & Pepeng. She created her own dress and her own fascinator with cage veil. Isn't that amazing? Something nice to tell your daughter in the future. :-)

The fascinators had elastic bands and were very comfortable to use. The flowers for the hair of the ladies were supposed to be fresh, but I suggested to Jordan that I think fabric flowers were more attuned to the spirit of the theme and she agreed. I also suggested that all the men come in white long-sleeved shirts and vests. It's very relaxed but still formal. Besides, most men look good in vests. :-)

The use of an arm sheaf (Right)was something we decided on during our first meeting. I sincerely think that the idea was perfect for this wedding and that it played a part in completing the look that we wanted to achieve. Besides, an arm sheaf is playful and not too stiff. You also have a free hand which you can use to arrange your gown, your veil or in some cases, wave to the crowd. :-)

It feels special, too, that the wedding was held here at Don Bosco Makati. Although I didn't attend this particular school, I attended Don Bosco in its old campus in Bacolor, Pampanga. As they say, once a Bosconian, always a Bosconian.

The reception followed at the courtyard of the 73-year-old Filipinas Heritage Library (a.k.a. The Nielson Tower). It's so weird because I also have long wanted to come here because as an aviation fan, it is not lost on me that this was the Philippines' first international airport (the building resembles an aeroplane when seen from the sky) and that the adjoining streets, Ayala Avenue & Paseo de Roxas, were former runways. The reception area now is what used to be the airport's apron so you can actually see the Streamline Moderne facade of the former airport and it's tower. It's a visual delight to architectural / history / aviation buffs. :-)

Here's wishing the couple more in life! Congratulations, Best Wishes, and Thank You very much! Fly high! :-)


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