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You can tell from these photos that I haven't had proper sleep (Bad skin: check! Bad hair: check! Overgrown beard: check!) and on this rather lazy and windy Monday, we're doing an e-session with Puy Talde of Really Awesome Weddings (RAW) and Lei & Joannie of Daniel Lei Studio (DLS) at The Mango Farm. During the break in the shoot, Jo invited me to do a shoot and I had the brilliant idea (naks!) of bringing this pretty 90-year-old chair to a grassy area (yep, nagbuhat ako ng sariling bangko!) and what do you know? My dog, Turnip, came running to join us!
A little backgrounder: I bought this dog after attending Mass at the Baclaran church. This was when I was still living in Las Piñas. He was so cute that I didn't have second thoughts of getting him. My Mom christened him Turnip because of his color. He's been with me since 2004. He can be haughty at times (yep, he gives you THE look), but he's really, really sweet.
Thanks, Jo, for this! You have no idea ho…


The thing with delivering flowers early in the morning is that one misses out on the pleasure of having to socialize with your fellow wedding suppliers. So by the time everyone else arrives, I would have been back at my desk at the Farm working like it were a most normal day.

Thank goodness for Same-Day Edits, we now have a way of connecting with an event even if we're not there to enjoy it. Whoever invented the SDE concept is a genius!

For now, pending the availability of official photos, enjoy the SDE of Mike & Tina. :-)
MICHAEL + CRISTINA from Kris Matanguihan on Vimeo.
Kris Matanguihan
Office: (By Appointment Only)
Corinthian Executive Regency,
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Numbers: 257-8795 / 0915-711-1234 / 0923-500-5061


A serious question: will one ever tire of working with the Philippine wedding industry's best?

Not when they constantly break the rules & hands down, Redsheep has got to be one of those who never cease to surprise. By doing so, they inspire and challenge us as well to do better, to BE better, every time.

Here's one SDE that will both delight and warm the heart. :-)
Wedding SDE // Job*Kath from redsheep on Vimeo.---
Redsheep Photo + Cinema by Guj Tungpalan


I am sure you've noticed it a long time ago: the dresses, the hair accessories, the pearls, the cages, the childhood photos, the seemingly ubiquitous empty frame, the brightly colored bow tie. Yes, you've seen it oh so many times in this blog or elsewhere. The bone of contention is thus: do overused ideas still have a place in this day and age where the only constant thing is change? *cues in music*

Think of it this way: It's NOT the props. It's the PEOPLE involved that makes a shoot unique & interesting.

For this set (where we were not supposed to be present but since we were, we decided to help out in any way we could; how can one resist when one is working and spending time with friends? *Awwww...*), Daniel Lei Studio-duo Lei & Joannie helped celebrate & capture romance and the old days in this beautiful, sun-washed e-session at the Mango Farm. :-)

Hand-tied bouquet by yours truly. We only made four versions of this style; one for every photographer that…


I know every couple we encounter is different, but I must admit I've never met anyone as cool and as nice as Anj & Mark. Wait, I actually say that of almost everyone, LOL! But seriously, Anj & Mark are the kind who can chat up a storm for hours on end. You know, the kind where saying goodbye seemed interminable and the actual separation leaves you looking forward to the next meeting. Yep, they're nice like that. :-)

Which explains why I did a little last-minute, appeal-to-the-emotions kind of request for them to please, please do an e-session (something they originally didn't want to do) because sayang naman their good photographer. Naturally, Jaja Samaniego was up for the challenge, however short-noticed it was. We've always been fond of Jaja ever since we worked with her the first time last year and in this set, she was able to draw out Anj & Mark's yin & yang qualities that we could've have missed had we not cajoled them into doing this, ya…


Story to follow. For the meantime, enjoy the photos. :-)

All photos by and courtesy of Daniel Lei Studio | Photo & Cinematography
Look for Daniel Lei Sarmiento & Joannie Candi
716-C Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Ave., Quezon City
Landline: (+632)334.9037
Globe: (+63)906.272.2320 (Primary)
Smart: (+63)920.501.6209
YM: wsi_lei


Preps: Astoria Plaza
Ceremony: Our Lady of the Pentecost, Xavierville
Reception: The Mango Farm
Photographer: Daniel Lei Studio
Videographer: Daniel Lei Studio
Wedding Dress: Carmen Lazaro
Cage Veil: Jazel Sy
Entourage Flowers: Dylan Gozum for Vatel Manila