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Methinks this e-session should gets props for the overall concept (ain't this the coolest?!) & for the couple's sheer guts , grit, & gumption in doing such a shoot. Sure, it's not the over-the-edge kind of thing but it blows one's mind how - in the face of an ever-growing challenge to personalize weddings - they were able to find a place where they could be themselves & have fun at the same time despite the nuances that goes with a photo shoot.

We think it can't get any better than this. :-)

JM & Abby talks to us about their engagement shoot:

What are the preparations you did for this shoot?

JM:Hahaha! We tried (tried lang) going on a diet. 'Di ata nahalata sa pictures yung effort ko. =)

ABBY:I asked my friends, Clarisse and Yvette, to be our Engagement Stylist and Photoshoot Director. Clarisse was our stylist while Yvette directed the shoot together with our photographer, Mel Cortez. I got the idea of having an engagement stylist and photo s…


The first time we worked with Joey Boquiren was in 2005 or 2006 (we're not so sure anymore), but we've always been fascinated by this quiet, unassuming photographer with long hair in dreadlocks. We have since been a loyal follower of his blog. Had the chance to work with him again last summer (April 2010) and got to finally chat with him! Totally nice guy. I am sure couples would love to work with him!

The other night, I was surfing wedding blogs when I came across this really, really cool engagement session. I totally love the use of LP jackets and that old television set? Wicked! I was so immersed in the overall feel of the photos when upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the shoot of my August 7-couple, Dennis & Christine, ha ha! *smacks myself on the head*

In this post, we chatted with Christine, the bride, about this happy, happy shoot. :-)

Tell us about the concept of this shoot:
Let me just say I feel so weird being interviewed about the e-sess…


Our first time to be captured by Smartshot. Loved the music choice, and portions of the editing were really good. :-)

arnold and shynn / Same day Edit from smartshotstudio on Vimeo.

Smartshot Studio
Contact Person: Lito or Me-ann Genilo
Address: 181 A. Bonifacio Ave., Tanong, Marikina City
Contact Numbers: 933.1823; 926.7571; 948.3571; 928.7375


This engagement session has finally come to pass & the results are totally amazing & heartwarming! We personally find the entire concept very endearing - a true reflection of the couple's personalities.

I remember reading from their Facebook updates that typhoons have delayed their e-session once already, but looking at these set of photos they sure were ready (very ready, in fact) when that opportunity finally came! Proof that whatever comes their way, they will always make sure that they follow their hearts' desires.

Niño & Grace will wed on December 30, 2010. :-)

Grace, the bride, talks to us about their engagement session:

Tell us about the concept of this shoot:

I remember showing Sir Daniel (Lei Sarmiento of Daniel Lei Studios) some engagement photos that we liked from different wedding blog sites and because the photos are from different couples with different cultural backgrounds and from different localities, we were not able to find one unified theme. H…