Sunday, April 25, 2010


It must be true, the saying that says,"Two heads are better than one." This applies to weddings more, of course, when two people decide to live their lives together. This, however, applies to certain things like photography, too, when a team of two people churn out photos as heart-warming as these.

I knew of the Daniel Lei Sarmiento + Joannie Candi tandem by way of a (now-amusing) conversation with the bride, Mitch.

Me:"So who's your photographer? Sana magaling naman."
Mitch: "I think magaling naman. You can check out his blog."

I became an instant fan of Daniel Lei Studio the moment I saw his blog (so much for my haughtiness, sorry!). I connected to the photos almost immediately, and I felt so much by just looking at them. The chosen color motif have also played a major part in this event: black for the groom's serene attitude, yellow to reflect the bride's joie de vivre. DLS has captured those characteristics perfectly.

Photographs are sui generis. They are unique for that specific time and context. They remind us for all lifetime of the importance of every event in our lives, that is why it's always a good decision to get someone who will do the job of recording well.

At this point, the decision-making process should be a lot easier already. Check out more of the series here.


Landline: 334-9037
Globe: 0906-2722320 (Primary)
Smart: 0920-5016209
YM: wsi_lei

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