Wednesday, June 20, 2018


There's an obsession with super grand weddings lately that sometimes we miss the really simple ones, the kind where guests and couple can have real fun without being burdened by what others might think. Social media can sometimes be a harsh platform, putting undue pressure on many couples to be what they are not. That is why we are sharing Gary and Toj's heartfelt wedding today as a reminder to all of us that at the end of the day, what really matters is not how much we spent sprucing up our reception, or posing to death like we are models, but that we made our special day memorable by being who we really are . If you watch the SDE below by Jason Magbanua, you'd realize how perfect and appropriate the chosen song was ('You Always Make Me Smile' by Kyle Andrews). It pretty much summed up how Gary & Toj's day went. For this, we salute couples like them. May we all be inspired by their example. ^_^  
Preps_ Angelfields Nature Sanctuary
Photographer_ Jorem & Shiela Catilo
Video_ Jason Magbanua 
Gown_ Teena Sabrina Tan
Entourage Dresses_ Coral Couture 
Makeup_ Pia Reyes 
Food_ K by Cunanan
Music_ Manila String Machine 
Planner_ Kiss the Girl Events 
Bridal Bouquet x Boutonnieres_ Weddings by Vatel Manila 

This wedding was featured on Bride and Breakfast

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