Thursday, November 03, 2016


Raffy and Ces are the kind who knew what they wanted, so the artistic process became much easier for us. It helped, as well, that we got 'support' from other creatives - all shakers and movers already back in 2012 (yes, this wedding was held 4 years ago!). 
In fact, this wedding has its share of firsts. Back in 2012, most of the style elements you see in this wedding were really just starting out. The art of calligraphy, for one, was very young in the country and its main proponent, Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of The Fozzy Book, created the wooden signages here - the first of its kind in the PH wedding industry. The craft duo, PopJunkLove, is now a larger enterprise: The Common Room PH (they've truly come a long, long way!) The rustic theme wasn't so prevalent and watercolor invites, like these by Alessandra Lanot, weren't so commonplace as they are now. 
This event was a laid-back classic with a personal twist: Cyma catered (the couple's favourite restaurant), and was both very elegant and fun. We remember all the suppliers enjoying it as well; it didn't feel like work at all. We really loved working with Raffy and Ces, and their wedding is forever etched in our memory. And oh, please watch their wedding SDE by Redsheep Cinema HERE or at the bottom of this post. Enjoy this set, loves! ^_^
Preps_ Oakwood Premiere
Ceremony_ Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus Parish
Reception_ The Mango Farm
Photographer_ Jaja Samaniego
Video_ Redsheep Cinema
Food_ Cyma Greek Taverna
Crafts_ PopJunkLove
Invite Suites_ Alessandra Lanot x Life After Breakfast PH
Calligraphy x Wooden Signages_ Fozzy Castro-Dayrit x The Fozzy Book
Ceremony Styling_ SASO Greenhouse Design Studio
Reception Styling_ Weddings by Vatel Manila
Bridal x Entourage Bouquets_ Weddings by Vatel Manila
This wedding was featured on Bride and Breakfast.

Raffy x Ces from redsheep on Vimeo.

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