Monday, August 29, 2016


Every now and then, we get lucky to work with one of our most admired videographers. We always look forward to working them because there's always something in their videos that we look forward to. Apart from the almost ethereal quality, there's always the great score, visuals, smart editing, and of course - the special moments. We've listed here some of those videos; I know I may have missed one or two (I couldn't find the SDE of the very first wedding we worked on together, still one of our favourites. We can call it 'love at first sight', I guess!). Enjoy these SDEs by Redsheep PhotoCinema. ^_^
{ Jamie x Barbra } Boracay 
Jamie & Barbra from redsheep on Vimeo.
{ Carlo x Lili } Makati 
Carlo x Lili from redsheep on Vimeo.
{ Raffy x Ces } Antipolo 
Raffy x Ces from redsheep on Vimeo.
{ Vince x Jo } Antipolo 
Vince x Jo x 07.21.2012 (Our Lady of Pentecost + The Mango Farm) from redsheep on Vimeo.

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